Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Importance of Swatching

                As many of you know, I am obsessed with swatching a product before I am interested in buying it. This has caused me to track down sets in Sephora with the precision and persistence of a celebrity stalker. While some of the bitchier girls who work at Sephora have greeted me with “Oh, it’s you again” I think a once a week visit while trying to track down limited edition products is perfectly reasonable. Recently, I broke that rule. I bought the BITE Beauty Collectors Edition Lip Layers set for a whopping $98 dollars.  I love BITE lipstick, and the idea of getting 20 colors that were half the size of their normal bullet was too much to resist.

If anything, the Kat lipstick is larger... ARRGGG!
                Well, there was a problem. As you can see in the picture, these bullets are small. How small? They are the exact same size as the Kat Von D Spellbinding Lip Stick set. (The Kat is the reddish color and the BITE is the brown/nude) So what is the big deal? BITE claims the lipstick amount in their bullet is .07 on one side, but Kat Von D claims that this bullet is .04. I know which one I believe. A full sized lipstick at .14 is about 4 times this large. While the quality of BITE lipstick is amazing, the minute I feel lied to, it is all over. I am returning this product. I wish I could have seen it and sampled it before buying, because I never would have. To make matters worse, while the formula is great, some of these pigments barely show on my skin. KAAAAHHHHHNNNN!!!! 

Sephora is on the top, Urban Decay on the bottom
                And, if you think that just getting eyes on something is enough, getting your fingers into something is even better. Every year, I get the Sephora Blockbuster gift set, until this year. Now the Sephora has moved into China, I don’t feel right buying their house brand. On the other hand, Urban Decay is not only still cruelty free, and their eyeshadow formula is amazeballs. Here is a picture of my fingers. Both are ‘reflective silver’ and both were swatches in the store, but do you see how much more pigmented the Urban Decay is? (Hint: it is the one that is NOT patchy). If they were both cruelty free and I had not swatched, I might have been seduced by the fact you get more colors and some lip product with the Sephora Blockbuster. In person, there is no comparison. Urban Decay rules, Sephora brand drools.

                The moral of this little tale is that no matter how many ‘cute’ comments you get, try out new products whenever possible. YouTube videos and beauty bloggers are great (duh! ) but everyone’s skin chemistry is different. What works for me, may not work for you. Test, swatch, and have fun. After all, Sephora is there to make you feel beautiful, and nothing is more beautiful than knowledge.

BITE Beauty Collector’s Edition Lip Layer Set

Kat Von D Spellbinding Love Lipstick Set

Sephora Makeup Academy – Don’t BUY! NOT CF and a subpar product!!!

Urban Decay Vice 2 Pallet – MUST HAVE!!








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