Saturday, November 23, 2013

Girl on Fire/Mockingjay look and Hunger Games confessions

I am a huge nerd. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I also cannot help but geek out over the Hunger Games books. My friend Suzzi recommended them, and in less than two days, I read them all. I have since read them a few additional times. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I know Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Haymitch. Hell, some days I feel like Haymitch. Of course, the movies are where Effie shines.

In the books, which are written in the first person from Katniss’ POV, Effie is everything she is not. In the beginning, Effie is a silly creature, devoted to appearances and the capitol. Her only mission is to make everyone appear wonderful as they are dressed and marched off to face their deaths. Of course, Effie does not dirty her own hands with hair and makeup, that is what the stylists are for. By the time Effie changes… well, maybe some of you have not read the books.

I dragged Jason and Eric to see Catching Fire on Thursday night/Friday morning depending on how you wish to view it. They were kind enough to sit with me while I drank up every detail. The hair, the makeup, Effie’s butterfly look – I could die (and I would if I were in the games. I am short with a big chest and I cannot run for crap).

Today, while I was getting ready for Geoff’s birthday party, I had to channel a little Hunger Games. Technically, this shadow/face was inspired by Katniss’ transformation from the Girl on Fire to the Mockingjay. The lashes were a cheap pair from Halloween. Sometimes, those are the best. Because my eyes are small, I always have to trim lashes. I decided to try using the trimmings as bottom lashes. I had never before used bottom lashes, but now I am excited to experiment more. My only negative feedback? They are so long they keep hitting my upper cheek and feeling ‘odd’.  

The shadow was inspired by a look Cora did on I love her looks, and she did one inspired by Katniss that had the yellow, orange, red fade. I added a smear of black to celebrate the coal, the primary product of District 12.

So thanks for reading this all! It is fun to start posting up some new makeup looks.  



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